This week gave us Reagan giving Nick and Winston an enticing offer, an amazing ending to Superstore‘s first season and Felicity literally walking out on Oliver thanks to Curtis Holt. Here are my choices for the 10 Best LBGT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week.

10. New Girl: “Decision”

The whole concept of this episode, with Reagan offering to have sex with either Nick or Winston if they can decide which, was a little odd. But, it still had some good moments, especially Winston realizing how much he likes Aly.

Best Moment: Reagan’s big pajamas.

9. Pretty Little Liars: “We’ve All Got Baggage”

Pretty Little Liars gave us more deceit and confusion this week. At least Emily got her money and is going to school. Yay!

Best Moment: Emily bonding with someone over how expensive college is was a nice throwback to when this show used to weave in realistic problems.

8. The Fosters: “Minor Offenses”

This week had some good moments, including Callie’s reconciliation with AJ and Mariana and Lexi walking away from Nick and Jesus.

Best Moment: Stef’s speech at Ty’s trial was fantastic. It couldn’t have been easy for her and was a huge step in her character development.

7. Girls: “Wedding Day”

The season premiere of Girls wasn’t one of the funnier episodes, but it was a good introduction to where the characters are at emotionally this season.

Best Moment: Elijah walking aorund in his underwear, let’s be real.

6. The 100: “Bitter Harvest”

This was a great episode that brought Clarke and Lexa’s relationship to a place I never thought they’d get to this quickly when the season premiered.

Best Moment: Clarke announce that “blood does not need blood” at Emerson’s sentencing.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Adrian Pimento”

How do you make anything better? Add Jason Mantzoukas! This hilarious episode gave us Jake learning to be more understanding and Rosa sighing over her love of dirt bags.

Best Moment: When Holt says that if he could, he would ask the sky to stop being blue and start being tan.

4. Arrow: “Taken”

In addition to a great action plot that highlighted Vixen as a spin-off-worthy character, this episode has some really nice one-on-one emotional scenes. In particular, Laurel talking to her father and Oliver’s scene with Diggle.

Best Moment: Felicity’s continued insistence that Curtis’ husband is extremely handsome. He’s no Echo Kellum, but okay.

3. Superstore: “Labor”

This incredible season finale made me very happy that the show has already been renewed for a second season. The walk-out was extremely touching and Dina’s announcement was simultaneously a devastating blow and a great pay-off for Dina herself.

Best Moment: Mateo carefully picking out the best towel while Cheyenne is in labor.

2. Legends of Tomorrow: “Star City 2046”

This show just keeps getting better and better. I’m very interested in all of the characters, especially Leonard and Mick. I need to know everything about them.

Best Moment: Sara risking ending up in a crime-ridden dystopia in order to save her city.

1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Josh and I Work on a Case!”

Holy crap. It’s rare that shows truly amaze me, but Darryl’s realizations about himself in this episode were absolutely perfect. And how amazing is it that White Josh is down to clown?

Best Moment: It’s so hard to choose, but I have to go with the moment when Darryl’s realization really hits him as everyone in his class leaves and starts saying “bye” over and over.





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