The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: March 6-March 12

This week in TV gave us Emily Fields sleuthing, Lena Adams dealing with a very delicate situation at her school, Elijah Krantz helping Hannah out with a nude photoshoot and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Pretty Little Liars: “Did You Miss Me?” 

With only one week until the finale, Pretty Little Liars hasn’t given us many answers but they have given us a ridiculous plan: Hanna is going to confess to Charlotte’s murder. Alright, I guess I’m interested to see how that will play out.

Best Moment: Emily’s scene with Mona

9. The 100: “Terms and Conditions”

This episode didn’t have any Clarke Griffin. Doing an episode without their protagonist was an interesting move, presumably the thinking was that they wanted to give people some time to feel their feelings before returning to Clarke’s storyline. I’m not sure how I feel about that decision, but in the meantime we got an interesting episode about the politics of Arkadia.

Best Moment: Obviously, I’m going to say Nathan having a scene with Bryan in their room and kissing him. (By the way, if you want to see some truly quality gay Jarod Joseph, watch The L.A. Complex. It’s all on Netflix).

8. New Girl: “Goosebumps Walkaway”

This episode was a pleasant surprise in that they didn’t have Jess feeling jealous or competitive with Reagan, in fact she really encouraged Reagan to be honest with Nick about her feelings. It was refreshing and played to the strength of this show, which is its friendships. The plotline about Schmidt learning to dance was very sweet and allowed for some great physical comedy from Max Greenfield.

Best Moment: Reagan calling Nick up and simply saying “Sayonara Sammy” was absolutely adorable.

7. Legends of Tomorrow: “Night of the Hawk”

This continues to be the funnest show on TV. They’re following up their time pirates episode with an episode where everyone is undercover in the 1950s and also there are zombie hawkpeople. I am so on board with all of this.

Best Moment: Sara’s intimate scene with Lindsay where they talk about sexuality.

6. The Fosters: “Sixteen”

I love the episodes where we actually see The Fosters as a family unit and the siblings and parents are all interacting with each other. The plot with Sally is interesting and I hope they handle it well.

Best Moment: Lena encouraging Sally to be true to herself regardless of what her parents think.

5. Girls: “Japan”

You’ll never hear me complain about a Shoshanna-heavy episode. She is the best. You really feel for her in this episode.

Best Moment: Elijah’s delivery of “you’re hot…to Fran” was efficiently brutal.

4. Bates Motel: “A Danger to Himself and Others”

I’m so happy to have this show and Norma Bates back in my life. She continues to be the most tragically sympathetic protagonist on television. Her following up a marriage proposal by telling Alex he’s not doing anything else was truly great entertainment.

Best Moment: Norma instinctively trying to use her sexuality to get Dr. Edwards to help her.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Josh is Going to Hawaii!”

This might be the best episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to date because of the honest way it looked at Rebecca’s choices. Her number about realizing she’s the villain of the story was brilliant.

Best Moment: Of course I’m picking Darryl’s musical number about bisexuality.

2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “The Gang Goes to Hell: Part Two” 

My poor baby Mac sunk back into the closet in this excellent season finale. This episode was full of amazing dark comedy, like Mac telling Dennis, “Do the voice again, but this time say ‘I love you, son.'” There was also great surprising sequences mixed in like the long stretch of complete silence followed by a Stomp number.

Best Moment: Mac taking the time to clarify that in life he’s going to be a top and Dennis frustratedly telling him, “Fine, when you have gay sex you can be on top!”

1. I Am Cait: “Politically Incorrect”

I am so thankful to whoever made the decision to cast a large group of trans women on this show instead of just focusing on Caitlyn and her family. Women like Jenny Boylan, Candis Cayne, Chandi Moore and others absolutely make this show. The scene where Caitlyn explains her conservative views as the other women try their best to explain how they’re harmful was jaw-dropping.

Best Moment: Everyone had incredible reactions to Caitlyn saying things like “every conservative guy out there cares about everyone’s rights,” but perhaps my single favorite was when Caitlyn claimed that a politician who ran attack ads against trans women “just happened to be” Republican and that if he was a Democrat it would make her argument a lot easier, and Chandi dryly replied, “It would make your argument a lot easier.” I’m hoping Chandi will get her own show soon.


The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: March 6-March 12

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