The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: April 24-April 30

This week TV gave us Pam Poovey and Ray Gillette infiltrating an upscale Hollywood party, Cyrus Beene getting hardcore dumped, a tough decision for Dr. Gregg Edwards, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. The 100: “Join or Die”

This creepy episode showed Polis after completely falling to Alie. Meanwhile, the main team searched for Luna.

Best Moment: Clarke telling Luna that she doesn’t have to kill to b a leader.

9. Arrow: “Canary Cry” 

This episode was a lot of “too little, too late” but there were some nice scenes of Laurel in the flashbacks and some emotional moments between the members of Team Arrow.

Best Moment: Nyssa finding out that Quentin had just assumed she’d be helping him raise someone from the dead. How often do you think Nyssa has to deal with this misunderstanding?

8. Empire: “More Than Kin”

Early in this episode, all the Lyon boys gathered together and worried about what would happen if Cookie fell for Lucious again. By the end of the episode, Lucious had his arm around her and was acting ominous as hell. Uh-oh.

Best Moment: Jamal telling Andre to be sympathetic because Hakeem is failing at every aspect of life.

7. Scandal: “Buckle Up”

This episode had plenty of tension as all the Republican candidates tried to land a big endorsement. It also had a dramatic Olivia monologue in which she talked about being glad she killed a man.

Best Moment: The big scene with Cyrus telling Michael to mind his place was the most exciting Cyrus scene in a long long while.

6. Awkward: “Girls Gone Viral”

This season has had a much stronger emotional through-line than previous seasons of Awkward and I really felt for Jenna as she worried about Matty’s feelings in this episode.

Best Moment: Ethan’s “bite that hand” line.

5. Faking It: “Game On” 

This show tends to be at its strongest when it brings the whole cast together and this episode did that brilliantly with Lauren’s game night. The way Karma’s paranoia was pushed over the edge and then confirmed was a great, resonant storyline. And Liam’s relationship with Lauren could potentially be the thing that makes me finally into Liam as a character.

Best Moment: Noah relentlessly insulting Shane’s band is what I mean when I say we need more storylines about trans men.

4. Archer: “Bel Panto: Part 1”

The team went to a Hollywood party that ended up landing them as hostages by armed clowns. What a great show.

Best Moment: “I will stop but I will not apologize.”

3. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Leviathan” 

The only problem with this show was a lack of giant robots and they fixed that problem this week.

Best Moment: Any scene where Sara talks to Kendra is a perfect scene.

2. Bates Motel: “There’s No Place Like Home”

This episode felt like the beginning of the end. All the progress both Norman and Norma have made was erased when Norman found out about Norma and Alex, then immediately insisted on leaving Pine View. There were a lot of incredible scenes in this episode, notably Norman’s chilling conversation with Julian.

1. I Am Cait: “Houston, We Have a Problem”

This satisfying season finale had Caitlyn finally beginning to see how conservative politics perpetuate transphobia. She even decided to protest discrimination laws at the risk of being arrested. Meanwhile, Ella’s storyline with her father was a brutal depiction of how even the cis people who are closest to us and are really trying can discount our feelings.

Best Moment: Ella’s private conversation with her dad. Good for her for saying her piece.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: April 24-April 30

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