The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: May 1-May 7

This week TV gave us a full season of Grace and Frankie, a long overdue scene of Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul interacting, a heart-to-heart between Shane Harvey and Noah, and more. These are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Watch Your Back”

Joseline Hernandez returning to town so she can hand people envelopes full of information she’s gathered on them and is willing to send to “the blogs” is 100% what I want from a reality TV episode.

Best Moment: Chris’ reaction to Joseline’s invasive comments was great, especially Chris explaining that Mimi can use whatever terms she wants but everyone else needs to be more careful.

9. Grace and Frankie: “The Boar”

This episode really showed us the relationship between Grace and Sol for the first time and their interactions were surprisingly sweet.

Best Moment: Sol telling Grace that Phil is probably going through exactly what she’s going through and asking advice from his ex-wife’s new wife.

8. Grace and Frankie: “The Road Trip”

Frankie convinced Grace to impulsively go on a road trip to meet up with a guy she almost had an affair with fifteen years ago. The non-climax when she finally meets him was a nice little scene.

Best Moment: Sol has a great natural chemistry with his sons that comes out really well in the scene where they all react to Robert’s vows.

7. The 100: “Red Sky at Morning” 

This was another thrilling sci-fi episode. Raven came close to destroying Alie before realizing it was all for nothing. Meanwhile, Clarke made an extreme decision to try to save her people.

Best Moment: Clarke trying to force The Flame into Luna.

6. Grace and Frankie: “The Vitamix” 

This episode did a great job of dealing with Grace and Frankie’s bitterness. There’s a perfect balance of understanding Robert and Sol’s situation while showing Grace and Frankie’s rightful anger.

Best Moment: A very drugged up Robert accepting Coyote’s confessions.

5. Faking It: “Episode 8” 

The big plot about everyone at the school being forced to wear their labels was so disgusting and embarrassing, I felt like I was watching Glee. Fortunately, a lot of the smaller scenes based in actual emotion and character actually worked, in particular Lauren encouraging Liam to pursue religious Judaism regardless of his lineage and Noah talking to Shane.

Best Moment: Noah’s conversation with Shane was a little standard and by-the-book, but a trans boy getting to make out with the boy of his choosing will never not be my favorite thing.

4. Grace and Frankie: “The Negotiation”

This episode had some great Brianna scenes as Frankie negotiated a deal with her. This is very good for anyone who, like me, thinks June Diane Raphael is beautiful and charming.

Best Moment: Sol and Robert’s argument about who’s gayer is my favorite scene of this entire series.

3. Grace and Frankie: “The Wish”

The Grace and Frankie season 2 premiere was a great re-entry into the series, with some fantastic insights into Grace’s psychology and how much her friendship with Frankie has changed since the series started.

Best Moment: Sol talking about how badly he messed up by cheating on Robert, followed by Frankie reminding him that he did have a 20-year affair previously.

2. Grace and Frankie: “The Chicken” 

Grace starts mentoring a bartender who’s looking to move up in life. It’s a pretty obvious sitcom plot, but worked really well in this episode.

Best Moment: Sol breaking down and finally telling Robert about Frankie.

  1. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “River of Time” 

You know this was a great episode of television because I still haven’t recovered emotionally. Rip finally gets Vandal Savage to the vanishing point, only to find out the entire mission was pointless and Savage was always just going to be released back into the timeline. On top of that, Rip himself is locked up instead.

Best Moment: The scene between Sara and Nyssa.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: May 1-May 7

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