The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: June 5-June 11

This week TV gave us Felix Dawkins scrambling to explain previously unmentioned identical triplets from different countries, Game of Thrones‘ first lesbian character, the return of UnREAL, and more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Mistresses: “Mistaken Identity” 

This week Joss received a visit from Harry’s sister Kate. She was put in an awkward position when she found out that Kate wanted her help to have a one night stand before her wedding and this led to her fighting out that everyone thinks her engagement to Harry is weird.

Best Moment: Joss reminding everyone that not judging anyone is her whole thing.

9. Game of Thrones: “The Broken Man” 

This episode had some nice stuff from the Sansa and Jon storyline, which has definitely been the most interesting part of this season. There was also a good scene between Margaery and Olenna.

Best Moment: When Yara took a couple seconds to quit being a horn dog and concentrate on caring about her brother, there was a nice earnest quality to the relationship.

8. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Final Goodbye” 

This was another slightly more somber episode, with Scrapp saying goodbye to his family before serving his prison sentence. But, as a subplot, we got D. Smith and Tammy Rivera using an anti-bullying panel to deal with their personal grievances and this was both horrifying and one of the most fun things I’ve seen in a while.

Best Moment: D. Smith standing up for herself after Tammy tried to say that she’s fine with trans people, she just doesn’t want to explain it to her kids.

7. Scream: “Psycho” 

This show continues to just be the best at balancing emotional resonance and ironic detachment in a way that makes it look easy.

Best Moment: Audrey threatening the hotel manager. Damn.

6. Penny Dreadful: “No Beast So Fierce” 

I’m always down for a good version of Dracula and Renfield. And whatever’s happening between Lily and Dorian sure is something.

Best Moment: The whole Lily almost slitting Dorian’s throat thing.

5. Veep: “Congressional Ball” 

Despite a sloppy and confusing plot for Jonah (that was slightly redeemed by Richard’s cheerful incompetence), this was a mostly solid episode with some good moments from Selina, Mike and Gary.

Best Moment: Selina ditching an LGBT-advocate with Catherine and Marjorie (who looked amazing dressed up for the ball).

4. Young & Hungry: “Young & Hurricane”

This episode acknowledged that Gabi and Josh really haven’t had fun together since they first met, they’ve mostly just been fighting and breaking each other’s hearts for the past two years. This was pretty bold on the show’s part and they followed through and didn’t take it all back with a make up scene.

Best Moment: Elliot getting mad at Alan specifically because now he has to be nice to Yolanda.

3. UnREAL: “War”

I’m just so glad this show is back and I can once again watch Rachel and Quinn have weird, dark, hilarious conversations every week. Rachel screaming “I’m changing the world” while Romeo does her from behind is everything I want from television.

Best Moment: “Like, without question, he tans his balls.”

2. Person of Interest: “Synecdoche”

After the heartbreak of last week’s episode, this week gave us a very angry Shaw. I think it’s safe to say we’re all right there with her.

Best Moment: Shaw screaming, “This simulation sucks.”

1. Orphan Black: “The Mitigation of Competition” 

This episode was intense and showed what a formidable villain Evie is. But, it also found room for lots of character-driven scenes even as the large-scale sci-fi plot intensified.

Best Moment: Felix trying and failing to explain everything to Adele was a well-crafted scene and an example of this show handling tone perfectly. They get genuine laughs from the almost farcical nature of it all, but then seamlessly move into dealing with the emotional reality.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: June 5-June 11

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