The Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: June 11-June 18

This week TV gave us a full season of Orange is the New Black, which overtook the list a little bit. Plus, another great episode of UnREAL. Here are my picks for the best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Orange is the New Black: “Turn Table Turn”

This episode finally gave us Blanca Flores’ backstory and it was great. In the present, she fought back against the random searches through personal odor. Overall, the episode showed what a badass genius she is.

Best Moment: Poussey saying “I’m going to take my girl to Amsterdam.”

9. UnREAL: “Insurgent” 

Between Quinn’s competition with Chet, Rachel running around wanting credit for how progressive she thinks she is and Ruby trying her hardest to be an actual good person in this world, this show continues to be incredible.

Best Moment: Jay’s reaction to Rachel saying that she thought he’d appreciate her doing something subversive.

8. Orange is the New Black: “Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull” 

This episode gave us Aleida adjusting to life outside of prison and some strong feelings about the film The Wiz. Plus, Piper joined Blanca in standing on the cafeteria table.

Best Moment: Sophia getting Jane’s note.

7. Orange is the New Black: “(Don’t) Say Anything)

Sometimes Brook can just be so Brook it’s embarrassing, both in the present timeline and in her flashbacks. But it was nice seeing her own up to her mistakes and communicate with Poussey.

Best Moment: Brook holding up a boombox and asking for forgiveness was very cute.

6. Orange is the New Black: “The Animals” 

The end of this episode was extremely hard to watch and I don’t think that the character death was necessary, but there were several good moments in it. In particular, Poussey’s fight with Brook, coupled with the quiet reconciliation at the end, was very well done.

Best Moment: Poussey and Brook’s shared smile from across the cafeteria.

5. Orange is the New Black: “Friends in Low Places” 

This episode highlighted how difficult it is to improve things at Litchfield, when Caputo’s plan for education courses was distorted into a plan to get inmates to do construction work without paying them. Plus, Aleida realized her ability to do nails is a marketable skill, but was disappointed to find out that the salon is mainly used as a front to deal heroine.

Best Moment: Piper’s phone call with Cal.

4. Orange is the New Black: “Toast Can’t Never Be Bread”

This finale gave Poussey one last quietly beautiful story through flashbacks. In the present timeline, the prisoners dealt with their anger and suffocating helplessness.

Best Moment: The last shot of Poussey smiling was manipulative as hell, but obviously it worked in terms of producing emotion.

3. Orange is the New Black: “Work That Body for Me” 

This season premiere was fantastic. Alex and Lolly’s story had a perfect darkly humorous tone that the rest of the season never quite achieved. Suzanne and Maureen’s trip to the woods was also great.

Best Moment: The montage set to “Last Resort” really does show that we’re in the golden age of television.

2. Orange is the New Black: “People Persons”

This episode revealed why Suzanne is in prison and her crime is more upsetting than I ever imagined. The scenes of her being happy and succeeding as a superstore greeter are both sweet and hard to watch knowing what happens.

Best Moment: Suzanne’s last scene with Dylan.

1. Orange is the New Black: “Piece of Shit”

This episode gave us a lot of Nicky, including a heartbreaking N.A. meeting and an unfortunate backslide at the end.

Best Moment: A guard taking Nicky’s sober chip away from her was heartbreaking.



The Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: June 11-June 18

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