The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 3-July 9

This week TV gave us Sam being the hero everyone needs on Containment, Blair Ramos dealing with an unrequited crush, Jay being absolutely crushed and betrayed on UnREAL, and much more. Here are my picks for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Dead of Summer: “Barney Rubble Eyes” 

This episode had the sexy camp shenanigans, horror and means preps I expected from this show, as well as an acid trip and Russian spies.

Best Moment: “You only like him because you can’t have him.” “Look who’s talking.”

9. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Funny Business”

In this episode, Joseline surprised Stevie J with a drop by from Tommie. Not sure what she thought she was accomplishing in terms of revenge, but it’s always great seeing her and Tommie together.

Best Moment: D. Smith’s song.

8. Ray Donovan: “Marisol” 

This episode opened with Hector telling Ray about being molested by his older sister. Ray is absolutely disgusted by Marisol as he has to deal with her on Hector’s behalf throughout the episode.

Best Moment: Lena’s scene with Marisol.

7. UnREAL: “Infiltration” 

This was yet another episode that showed how vicious Quinn can get when she feels betrayed and that she’s absolutely willing to hurt innocent bystanders when she’s lashing out. The way she crushed Ruby and Darius’ blossoming relationship was a huge bummer.

Best Moment: An outraged Jay telling Rachel that he can’t believe he trusted her.

6. Hell on Wheels: “Gambit” 

This episode gave us the consequences for Gambit’s kidnapping. His love interest Maggie was shot and killed.

Best Moment: Louise’s interrogation.

5. Pretty Little Liars: “The Talented Mr. Rollins” 

This episode felt like a real return to form because it had so much of the Liars working together, rather than being off in their own storylines. Elliot tortured Alison DiLaurentis and seemed like he was going to get away with it, but fortunately the Liars knew he was up to no good and kept following their instincts until they sort of killed him. Good riddance.

Best Moment: Emily Fields telling Spencer Hastings that Ali’s life is more important than Spencer’s wishes.

4. The Last Ship: “Devil May Care”

This episode kept up the tension as the world dealt with the hostage situation and the virus mutation.

Best Moment: Alisha and the others brainstorming what to do to help the hostages.

3. Scream: “Jeepers Creepers” 

This episode had lots of the friendship between Audrey Jensen and Noah Foster, which will always been the best part of this show. The big horror set piece at the roller coaster was perfectly creepy and it was fun when the show undercut it.

Best Moment: Audrey’s confession to Noah that she brought Piper to Lakewood.

2. Animal Kingdom: “Flesh is Weak” 

This week this show finally got trashy enough to be amazing. Between Smuf’s seduction of Lila and everything going on with Deran Cody this was perfect sexy, melodramatic summer TV.

Best Moment: Deran actually saying “see you tonight” in response to Adrian accusing him of having his boyfriend killed.

1. Containment: “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

This episode showed how far Lex Carnahan’s character has come when Leo Green wanted to back off of exposing Sabine Lommers and Lex was the one who didn’t want to give up. Top it off with a sad ending for the show’s primary couple and this was a real dramatic turning point for the series.

Best Moment: Sam telling Jana that he will be one of the people to make it out of the cordon.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 3-July 9

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