The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 10-July 16

This week TV gave us more of Deran Cody’s relentless insecurity, the women on Pretty Little Liars burying a body, Jay producing his own segment on UnREAL, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LBGT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Confessions” 

In this episode, Ariane Davis tried to pursue a music career, to the skepticism of pretty much everyone.

Best Moment: Mimi Faust revealing that she has a new girlfriend.

9. The Fosters: “Trust”

This episode dealt with Callie Adams-Fosters’ ongoing fear of abandonment. She was acting out because of the crushing fear that Lena Adams and Stef Foster would reverse her adoption, which they had no idea she thought was a possibility. Episodes that dig into Callie’s psychology are always appreciated.

Best Moment: Stef and Lena’s pure disbelief when they found out that Callie thought they’d ever reverse her adoption.

8. Containment: “Yes is the Only Living Thing” 

Next week is Containment‘s finale and this episode propelled things towards a conclusion, with all the major characters in the cordon finding a way to get out.

Best Moment: I appreciated Sam asserting that he’d be one of the people to get out… too bad he just had to be self-sacrificing in the end.

7. UnREAL: “Casualty” 

Rachel Goldberg and Coleman Wasserman traveled to Beth Ann’s hometown, where Rachel was acting very enthusiastic about possibly ruining Beth Ann’s life. Meanwhile, Quinn King tried to intervene and get Rachel to actually deal with her trauma.

Best Moment: Jay and Madison teaming up is the cutest.

6. Pretty Little Liars: “Hit and Run, Run, Run” 

The Liars working together to cover up a murder is pretty much what we’ve been promised from the beginning and it’s weird that it’s only finally happening in season 7.

Best Moment: Alison forcing herself to go back into the hospital as part of the cover up.

5. Animal Kingdom: “Child Care” 

As usual, this episode was about Smurf manipulating pretty much everyone else’s relationships.

Best Moment: Deran’s “I’m not a bitch” moment.

4. The Last Ship: “Minefield”

Along with the usual tension of everything going on in the show, this episode also had a big dramatic sequence as the crew scrambled to figure out how to deal with a torpedo.

Best Moment: The entire torpedo sequence.

3. Scream: “Let the Right One In”

This was a great episode that led to an absolutely terrifying ending. It also showed off Scream‘s ability to have genuine relationship and friendships develop in between the great horror set pieces.

Best Moment: Audrey and Noah’s post-sleepover scene.

2. Mr. Robot: “”

Craig Robinson was a great addition to this show and all of the scenes at the basketball court in this episode really stand out.

Best Moment: Gideon at the bar was great until it was not.


  1. Mr. Robot: “”

    This show brings mental illness to life with a visceral accuracy that is difficult to achieve. It also has great details, like the mini-monologue about how weird Seinfeld is.

    Best Moment: The scene with Gideon.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 10-July 16

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