The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: October 9-15

This week TV gave us the season finale of Halt and Catch Fire, Chanel #3 getting closer to her new love interest, an old-fashioned crossover between Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. New Girl: “Homecoming”

Cece Parekh standing up for her husband Schmidt by threatening to beat up his former high school classmates was a sweet ending and this episode had a lot of nice details, like Schmidt wallowing by listening to “Dookie” on cassette. But, the highlight of this episode was definitely the appearance of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast members.

Best Moment: “Everything happens for a reason and that reason is random chance.”

9. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: “All Stars Supergroup”

In the Drag Race finale, the crown went to my personal favorite person in the universe, Alaska. Before the big decision we got to see a great performance with excellent choreography and original rap verses and one last runway show.

Best Moment: Katya’s answer for why she deserves to win was amazing.

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “The Night Shift” 

After the three-part special with Jake Peralta in witness protection, this show finally got back to basics with an episode Jake’s friendship with Charles Boyle. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad struggled with the stresses of working the night shift.

Best Moment: “John Phillips Sousa, the Skrillex of his day.”

7. Empire: “Cupid Kills”

In this episode, Cookie Lyon had a date with Angelo Dubois. I am extremely pro anything that gets any woman away from Lucious Lyon.

Best Moment: Jamal Lyon’s conversation with Freda Gatz in prison.

6. Scream Queens: “Handidates” 

In this episode, Chad Radwell accused Brock Holt of being the killer, then died with very suspicious timing. Meanwhile, Hester Ulrich’s demands to be moved to Dean Munsch’s hospital were met.

Best Moment: Chanel #3 and Cassidy Cascade’s yoga scene.

5. Gotham: “Mad City: New Day Rising” 

This week on Gotham, the Mad Hatter managed to get even creepier. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot became Mayor, but not before Edward Nygma taught him a lesson about love.

Best Moment: Jim Gordon’s visit to Barbara Kean.

4. Arrow: “The Recruits”

Arrow was in its element this week, with a winning formula based around Oliver Queen being closed off and distant before learning something about being a leader.

Best Moment: Curtis Holt’s excellent callout of Oliver’s behavior.

3. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Out of Time”

Sara Lance had sex with the Queen of France, Ray Palmer fought a dinosaur, Martin Stein kidnapped Albert Einstein and this is just the first episode of the season. I’m so glad the most fun show on television is back.

Best Moment: Sara still being cocky and winking when she was about to go on trial for being a witch.

2. Halt and Catch Fire: “NIM”

In part one of the Halt and Catch Fire season finale, the show did a time jump to 1990. This turned out to be extremely effective. Every choice about the characters’ new status quo was a good one.

Best Moment: Joe MacMillan and Cameron Howe playing with convention swag while catching up.

1. Halt and Catch Fire: “NeXT”

In the Halt and Catch Fire season finale, the team came back together thanks to Donna Emerson’s excitement about the World Wide Web. This episode beautifully explored tensions that eventually led to Donna leaving the group. This was not only an incredibly well-written piece of television in and of itself, but also did a stunning job of building excitement for next season. The ending with Joe MacMillan, Gordon Clark and Cameron Howe ready to test out the new program was about as good as season finale endings get.

Best Moment: Joe MacMillan’s “don’t you ever say his name again.”

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: October 9-15

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: February 28-March 5

This week television gave us Ray Holt snuggling an adorable corgi, Stef Foster learning about emotional intelligence, more of the relationship between Annalise Keating and Eve Rothlow and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Pretty Little Liars: “Burn This”

The mysteries and twists continued on this week’s episode. There were also some great genuinely emotional scenes in Spencer’s plotline.

Best Moment: Not sure what Emily’s up to, but her getting aggressive with Mona was pretty exciting.

9. The Fosters: “EQ”

Stef’s plotline this week was truly moving and satisfying. It was the kind of character-driven story that this show doesn’t do enough, but it’s always great when they do. It was also nice seeing Callie reconcile with Rita.

Best Moment: Stef admitting that she’s been handling things poorly lately to her class was a great moment for her character.

8. Girls: “Good Man” 

This was an interesting episode that developed Hannah’s relationship with her father in a really interesting way and also gave us the gem of her mentioning that the major question of Goodbye Columbus is whether she would hook up with Philip Roth.

Best Moment: The sheer awkwardness of Hannah trying to get her dad’s wallet back from his one night-stand was pretty amazing.

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Cheddar”

Aside from all the cute corgi shots, this episode also gave us the bizarre romance between Rosa and Adrian and a very nice scene between Jake and Ray.

Best Moment: Ray telling Cheddar that he’s not the only one who misses Kevin was just so sweet.

6. Legends of Tomorrow: “Marooned”

First off, goddamn do I love Mick Rory. Second, this was an exciting episode that fully embraced what a silly sci-fi show this is. The word “time pirates” was not only used, but used as a dramatic act out. You do you, Legends of Tomorrow.

Best Moment: Sara and Snart just hanging out playing cards was great and I wish we got more moments of downtime on this show.

5. The 100: “Thirteen”

Obviously, I’m very upset about one major event in this episode, but what makes that event extra frustrating is that everything leading up to it is great. This actually is a very strong episode despite the major plot point that was just a bad, bad idea.

Best Moment: Clarke and Lexa happy in bed together in the morning was just about perfect.

4. How to Get Away with Murder: “Something Bad Happened”

This episode delivered on everything I watch this show for: shocking reveals and Asher being adorable.

Best Moment: Eve putting aside her complex feelings towards Annalise to assure her that she’ll be a good mom was great.

3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “The Gang Goes to Hell”

This episode had Mac finally– finally– actually declare that he’s gay and the execution was perfect. Rather than focus on that, the episode itself was high-concept and full of surreal moments that gave everyone in the gang their time to shine. It was definitely a stand out from what has been an overall very exciting season.

Best Moment: After all this time, the “5 Minutes Later” gag was just perfect in its simplicity.

2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Josh and I Go to Los Angeles!”

Despite the fact that this episode committed the horrible sin of forcing me to watch musical theater people rap, there’s enough great stuff here that I’m willing to forgive it. Trent was surprising and fantastic and of course Darryl/White Josh continues to be my everything.

Best Moment: “Shut up, he looks like Tom Selleck.”

1. Broad City: “Game Over”

This fantastic episode showed Ilana and Abbi at their worst (and funniest) before they realized the important lesson that they should just ignore all their flaws. The surprise musical number and Whoopi Goldberg cameo leap out, but they’re just icing on the cake of a great episode.

Best Moment: Ilana realizing she’s wearing a hoodie meant for a dog.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: February 28-March 5

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: Feb. 14-20

This week Lena Adams and Stef Foster went for a swim, things got even worse for Clarke Griffin, and Captain Ray Holt’s love of the oboe got in the way of his detective abilities. All this and more on this week’s round-up of the best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Pretty Little Liars: “Where Somebody Waits for Me”

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was more of the same with everyone trying to figure out who’s texting them this time and being very suspicious of Sara Harvey. Sara probably stole the eggs that Emily donated, which is a real weird, creepy move.

Best moment: There was some nice raw vulnerability when Emily talked to Aria where it felt like there was some real emotion in the middle of this weird-ass plot.

9. Shameless: “NSFW”

Things were bad for everyone this week, maybe even more than usual. Carl and Fiona were both extremely shaken up by the end and Debbie’s situation with her boss is seriously troubling.

Best moment: Ian got to kiss a hunk.

8. Arrow: “Code of Silence”

This week Oliver worked on campaign strategy and successfully won a debate. I still don’t know why he didn’t win the mayor title at any point while he was running unopposed, but good for him all the same.

Best moment: I both love and hate that Curtis made a cure for paralysis in like two weeks in his spare time. Like, I’m proud of my dude, but what is this show doing?

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “House Mouses”

This was one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s weaker episodes, mostly due to a mediocre a-plot. Hitchcock and Scully are definitely better in small doses. That said, the subplot with Charles and Ray was much stronger. The third plot with the female characters felt a little broad, but gave the actresses a chance to do some great physical comedy. Also, Jake’s pun-based roller coaster of emotions was relatable as hell.

Best moment: When the Nine-Nine ate all of the candies in the gift basket Kevin sent Ray, they covered their tracks by filling the gift basket with office supplies. Instead of being suspicious, Ray saw the brand new office supplies and happily declared that Kevin really knows him.

6. The 100: “Hakeldama”

The 100 season 3 definitely isn’t slowing down and this episode was an exciting, big leap forward in hurling the characters towards a major war.

Best moment: Clarke’s confrontation with Bellamy was tense and dramatic from start to finish.

5. How to Get Away with Murder: “She Hates Us”

This week’s episode gave us more of Annalise’s brutal mental health problems, Laurel standing up to Frank, and the dynamic between Connor and Asher that I love so much.

Best moment: I really did love Connor trying to explain the extent to which he cares about Asher.

4. Love: “Party in the Hills”

This episode captured parties beautifully. Sometimes you arrive early and stand around awkward, but then end up jamming out with new friends. Other times you run into all of your exes and get drunk and make bad decisions.

Best moment: When a character (who, tragically, is only a one episode character) played by Joe Mande hit on Bertie, another guy tried to sabotage him by bringing up the fact that they’d slept together. Bertie earnestly said that she didn’t mind. It was a refreshing change-up from the usual jokes on bisexual guys in sitcoms. The dynamic between these three should’ve been the center of the show instead of a one-off, honestly.

3. The Fosters: “Under Water”

Stef and Lena finally got to be romantic this episode, after several episodes of nothing but tension. Things are hardly solved between them, but it was nice seeing a moment of real happiness between the two. Meanwhile, it was great seeing Callie almost immediately put aside Jack’s catfishing her to focus on the more important issue of making sure he’s safe. That’s my Super Callie.

Best moment: I still cannot believe that Lena said, “Last one in is on top tonight!” as she and Stef ran into the pool.

2. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Fail-Safe”

This show had a slow pilot, but really hit its stride in episode 5, showing strong dynamics between all of the characters. Ray and Mick’s plot this episode was a dang treasure. Plus, it opened with a Cisco Ramon cameo!

Best moment: Sara deciding that she can’t kill Stein even if it would save the future was great.

1. Broad City: “Two Chainz”

It feels good to have Broad City back. This episode started with an incredible opening sequence and kept up the energy from there. Season 3 premiered with an episode that found the exact limit of how stressful and cringe-y a comedy can be while still being fun.

Best moment: Ilana’s insistence that Abbi helping her get her bike chain off was a sexual experience and that the fact that she ended up bleeding supported this.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: Feb. 14-20