The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: August 28-September 2

This week television gave us an All Stars round of Snatch Game, Sammy Al-Fayeed denouncing his father, a heart-to-heart between Victor Strand and Madison Clark, and much more. Here are my choices for the best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Mistresses: “Fight or Flight” 

In this episode, Joss Carver found out that an abusive husband was cleared of all charges and she was out for revenge.

Best Moment: Joss disarming the man in the alley.

9. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: “All Stars Snatch Game”

The challenge this week was Snatch Game, which combines impressions with improv comedy. The result was incredibly fun to watch.

Best Moment: Alaska’s Mae West.

8. Fear the Walking Dead: “Los Muertos”

This week, Nick Clark discovered information that could be a huge game-changer. Meanwhile, Victor and Madison were able to have a quiet moment that allowed us to find out more about them.

Best Moment: Victor talking about what could have been if he and Madison had met under different circumstances.

7. Tyrant: “How to Live”

This episode was incredibly strong thematically, as it bought attention to Barry Al-Fayeed’s hypocrisy. It also showed the entire supporting cast at their most active.

Best Moment: Sammy standing up to his father.

6. Ray Donovan: “Lake Hollywood”

This episode was an absolute bloodbath and delivered on the nonstop exciting turns that people want from Ray Donovan.

Best Moment: Ray’s phone call with Lena.

5. Dead of Summer: “She Talks to Angels”

This season finale had a final showdown that made you really root for Jessie Tyler. And Drew and Blair ended up alive and happy!

Best Moment: Drew and Blair’s kiss.

4. Pretty Little Liars: “The DArkest Knight”

This episode packed in a lot of shipper moments and it was nice seeing couples reconnecting. It also had a fun showdown, including the extremely memorable beheading of Noel Kahn.

Best Moment: Alison DiLaurentis and Emily Fields kissing.

3. The Fosters: “Collateral Damage”

Everything came together in this episode; Justina Marks’ proposed legislation, Callie Adams-Foster’s fight to save Kyle, and Nick Stratos’ dangerous obsession with Mariana Adams-Foster all brought Callie to the terrifying cliffhanger.

Best Moment: Stef Foster and Lena Adams’ argument over whether Stef should keep looking into Kyle’s case.

2. The Last Ship: “Legacy” 

This episode had an incredibly exciting confrontation as Kara Foster led a group trying to stop Allison Shaw’s coup.

Best Moment: The crew of the Nathan James preparing for battle.

1. Halt and Catch Fire: “Flipping the Switch”

Every moment of this episode was packed with incredible tension, from the fights between Donna Clark and Gordon Clark to Joe MacMillan’s stand-offs with Ryan Ray.

Best Moment: Ryan’s confrontation with Joe in his office.


The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: August 28-September 2

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: August 13-August 20

This week TV gave us the return of Paige McCullers, the premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, a major twist on Dead of Summer, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood: “California Dreaming”

This show isn’t quite living up to my beloved Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but it did have some stand out moments in the premiere, like the mess of a brunch.

Best Moment: I’m still reeling from hearing the words “My monkey doesn’t want his banana. It can stay in the bunch.”

9. Mistresses: “The Root of All Evil” 

In this episode, Joss Carver and April Malloy were both on the edge of a break up, while Karen Kim started a brand new relationship.

Best Moment: “Sometimes a three-legged dog just has to spend time with other three-legged dogs to realize it has four legs.”

8. The Fosters: “Girl Code”

It was nice seeing an episode focus on Mariana Adams-Foster, especially one that highlighted just how much she’s developed.

Best Moment: Lena Adams-Foster’s phone call with Stef Adams-Foster, as she worried about Mariana’s mental state.

7. Another Period: “The Duel”

The fact that Celine doesn’t just seduce Dodo Bellacourt’s husband, she challenges her to a duel, is a perfect example of this show being everything that Gossip Girl should have been.

Best Moment: Victor Shmemmerhorn-Fish and Albert Downsy yelling at Blanche about how they want a love child is the exact mix of adorable and evil that I look for in an OTP.

6. Pretty Little Liars: “Exes and OMGs” 

The series finale is approaching, so it’s the appropriate time for this show to bring back the actual fortune teller, right?

Best Moment: Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis’ conversation on the park bench.

5. Dead of Summer: “The Devil Inside” 

This episode gave Jessie Tyler a great backstory through the flashbacks, while in the present timeline the campers realized that Holyoke is actually the camp’s protector.

Best Moment: Drew’s monologue about trust.

4. The Last Ship: “Paradise” 

This was an even more thrilling episode than usual, with Allison Shaw’s jaw-dropping power move.

Best Moment: The missile battle at sea.

3. Casual: “40”

This episode featured Alex Cole planning a terrible surprise party for Valerie Meyers, but the plotline that stood out was Valerie spending time with her ex-husband until his feelings became too serious.

Best Moment: Laura Meyers’ wisely advising Alex to just apologize instead of throwing a party.

2. Tyrant: “Bedfellows” 

This episode had a major reveal with Barry Al-Fayeed finding out he had a son he didn’t know about. Their conversation about it was fantastic.

Best Moment: Sammy Al-Fayeed’s half-turn looking back at Dr. El-Amin after meeting his wife.

1. Scream: “When a Stranger Calls”

This was a strong finale to a great season. Along with a satisfying reveal of the killer, the emphasis on the friendship between Emma Duval and Audrey Jensen’s friendship made this episode, and the entire season, unique and emotionally gripping. There were also stand out scenes from the other characters. Noah Foster and Brooke Maddox’s debate over whether to let Stavo Acosta inside was a great example of how perfectly this show handles tone.

Best Moment: Emma and Audrey both bravely trying to save each other in the final show down.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: August 13-August 20

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: August 6-August 12

This week TV gave us Jude Adams-Foster’s attempts to play it cool while trying to buy pot, the season finale of Animal Kingdom, Jay getting his vicarious fairy tale romance on UnREAL, and much more. Here are my choices for the best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Pretty Little Liars: “Original G’A’ngsters”

This episode saw the return of Jason DiLaurentis, who I hope will steal Aria Montgomery away from Ezra Fitz.

Best Moment: Emily Fields celebrating Pam Fields’ birthday with her. It was so refreshing seeing her happy.

9. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Exposed and Unfiltered: Part 2”

The final installment of this year’s reunion show was a reminder that I will miss this show so much while it’s gone.

Best Moment: Chris Gould’s perfectly articulated explanation of why you shouldn’t misgender someone regardless of their appearance, immediately followed by Ariane Davis saying, “I really do just have a vendetta against you personally.”

8. The Fosters: “Highs & Lows”

Things seem to just get worse and worse for The Adams-Fosters and this week, right afterr Stef Adams-Foster and Lena Adams-Foster told the kids they’d have to sell the house, the family found out that Jesus Adams-Foster had shot himself with a dang nail gun.

Best Moment: Stef and Lena’s conversation about their finances. What a bummer.

7. UnREAL: “Friendly Fire”

Things actually worked out for Darius Beck in the UnREAL season 2 finale, thanks to Rachel Goldberg and Jay pulling together to give him a happy ending. Meanwhile, Rachel’s problems were solved with straight up double homicide.

Best Moment: Jay tearing up as he watched Darius and Ruby Carter and realized he’d actually done something good for someone.

6. Roadies: “Carpet Season”

In this episode, Bill tried to figure out how to handle his relationship with Shelli. Turns out, women like it when you talk to them.

Best Moment: Halsey’s performance of “Ghost.”

5. Tyrant: “Truth and Dignity”

This episode had some very nice character-driven moments. Sammy Al-Fayeed really shined in this one.

Best Moment: Sammy’s conversation with his dad.

4. Animal Kingdom: “What Have You Done?”

In this season finale, everyone was yelling at everyone and Smurf really had to Smurf it up.

Best Moment: Deran Cody’s hatred of loud music.

3. Steven Universe: “Know Your Fusion”

In this episode, Sardonyx questions Smoky Quartz about their powers. Smoky is pretty upfront about the fact that their power is a yo-yo, but for some reason it really takes Sardonyx a while to get it.

Best Moment: Garnet getting so excited she picks Pearl up.

2. Mr. Robot: “m4ster_s1ave.aes”

I love a good gimmick and this episode had fun with its ’90s sitcom thing.

Best Moment: Gideon’s newspaper gag in the credits.

1. Scream: “Heavenly Creatures”

This week, Noah Foster mourned for Zoe Vaughn and the police made bad decisions.

Best Moment: Emma Duval telling Audrey Jensen not to turn in evidence that implicates her. I’m so glad they’re already cover up BFFs again.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: August 6-August 12

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 30-August 6

This week TV gave us two intimate scenes between Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis, fantastic development in the friendship between Audrey Jensen and Emma Duval, Alisha Granderson giving encouragement to Kara Green, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Pretty Little Liars: “Wanted: Dead or Alive”

This week Hanna Marin continued to struggle with her fear that Elliot Rollins might not really be dead. This fear went so far that she and Spencer Hastings dug up his grave to look at the body.

Best Moment: Tie between Emily’s apology to Alison and Alison’s apology to Emily.

9. UnREAL: “Espionage” 

This episode finally reunited the dream team of Rachel Goldberg and Quinn King, putting them firmly on the same side as they prepare to destroy Coleman Wasserman.

Best Moment: “Calm down, Malcolm X”

8. Steven Universe: “Steven vs. Amethyst” 

This was a heartbreaking exploration of Amethyst’s low self-esteem. She discussed frankly  the cycle of beating herself up for not being good at things and then becoming worse because of her lost confidence.

Best Moment: “You ruined the ruins!”

7. Scream: “The Vanishing” 

If Audrey and Emma’s friendship wasn’t already decidedly one of the best things on TV, this episode definitively earned that. Combine their incredible relationship development with the terrifying scenes of Noah’s near death and you have one of the strongest episodes in what has been a very strong season of this show.

Best Moment: Audrey confessing to Emma that she was so angry at her because she loved her.

6. Animal Kingdom: “Judas Kiss” 

In this episode, the boys pulled off the big heist at the army base, while J started spilling their secrets to a detective.

Best Moment: The boys coming home from the heist and being greeted by fresh-baked apple pie. Aww.

5. The Last Ship: “Sea Change”

Tension was built all around in this episode, between the people aboard the USS Nathan James discovering the pirate’s plan for a genocide and the people back on shore struggling with policy in the wake of the President’s suicide.

Best Moment: Alisha’s pep talk to Kara.

4. The Fosters: “Justify”

This episode really put the focus on Lena Adams-Foster and everything weighing on her. Watching her blow up was at times cathartic and at times scary.

Best Moment: Lena telling Brandon Adams-Foster he’s completely lost his sense of right and wrong. Drag him.

3. Steven Universe: “Gem Hunt” 

This episode brought focus back to Connie Maheswaran. Pearl took her and Steven on a hike to find missing gems.

Best Moment: Pearl and Connie posing for photos.

2. Steven Universe: “Crack the Whip”

In this episode, Steven and Connie were able to fight Jasper as Stevonnie. It was a big moment for them, but one that led to Amethyst feeling insecure.

Best Moment: Pearl’s reaction to Amethyst rubbing it in that she forgot about Connie.

1. Steven Universe: “Bismuth” 

This extra-long episode introduced an incredible new gem named Bismuth, voiced by Uzo Aduba. Her warm reception by the gems was a joy to watch and it was a real bummer when things took a turn.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 30-August 6

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 10-July 16

This week TV gave us more of Deran Cody’s relentless insecurity, the women on Pretty Little Liars burying a body, Jay producing his own segment on UnREAL, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LBGT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Confessions” 

In this episode, Ariane Davis tried to pursue a music career, to the skepticism of pretty much everyone.

Best Moment: Mimi Faust revealing that she has a new girlfriend.

9. The Fosters: “Trust”

This episode dealt with Callie Adams-Fosters’ ongoing fear of abandonment. She was acting out because of the crushing fear that Lena Adams and Stef Foster would reverse her adoption, which they had no idea she thought was a possibility. Episodes that dig into Callie’s psychology are always appreciated.

Best Moment: Stef and Lena’s pure disbelief when they found out that Callie thought they’d ever reverse her adoption.

8. Containment: “Yes is the Only Living Thing” 

Next week is Containment‘s finale and this episode propelled things towards a conclusion, with all the major characters in the cordon finding a way to get out.

Best Moment: I appreciated Sam asserting that he’d be one of the people to get out… too bad he just had to be self-sacrificing in the end.

7. UnREAL: “Casualty” 

Rachel Goldberg and Coleman Wasserman traveled to Beth Ann’s hometown, where Rachel was acting very enthusiastic about possibly ruining Beth Ann’s life. Meanwhile, Quinn King tried to intervene and get Rachel to actually deal with her trauma.

Best Moment: Jay and Madison teaming up is the cutest.

6. Pretty Little Liars: “Hit and Run, Run, Run” 

The Liars working together to cover up a murder is pretty much what we’ve been promised from the beginning and it’s weird that it’s only finally happening in season 7.

Best Moment: Alison forcing herself to go back into the hospital as part of the cover up.

5. Animal Kingdom: “Child Care” 

As usual, this episode was about Smurf manipulating pretty much everyone else’s relationships.

Best Moment: Deran’s “I’m not a bitch” moment.

4. The Last Ship: “Minefield”

Along with the usual tension of everything going on in the show, this episode also had a big dramatic sequence as the crew scrambled to figure out how to deal with a torpedo.

Best Moment: The entire torpedo sequence.

3. Scream: “Let the Right One In”

This was a great episode that led to an absolutely terrifying ending. It also showed off Scream‘s ability to have genuine relationship and friendships develop in between the great horror set pieces.

Best Moment: Audrey and Noah’s post-sleepover scene.

2. Mr. Robot: “”

Craig Robinson was a great addition to this show and all of the scenes at the basketball court in this episode really stand out.

Best Moment: Gideon at the bar was great until it was not.


  1. Mr. Robot: “”

    This show brings mental illness to life with a visceral accuracy that is difficult to achieve. It also has great details, like the mini-monologue about how weird Seinfeld is.

    Best Moment: The scene with Gideon.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 10-July 16

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 3-July 9

This week TV gave us Sam being the hero everyone needs on Containment, Blair Ramos dealing with an unrequited crush, Jay being absolutely crushed and betrayed on UnREAL, and much more. Here are my picks for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Dead of Summer: “Barney Rubble Eyes” 

This episode had the sexy camp shenanigans, horror and means preps I expected from this show, as well as an acid trip and Russian spies.

Best Moment: “You only like him because you can’t have him.” “Look who’s talking.”

9. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Funny Business”

In this episode, Joseline surprised Stevie J with a drop by from Tommie. Not sure what she thought she was accomplishing in terms of revenge, but it’s always great seeing her and Tommie together.

Best Moment: D. Smith’s song.

8. Ray Donovan: “Marisol” 

This episode opened with Hector telling Ray about being molested by his older sister. Ray is absolutely disgusted by Marisol as he has to deal with her on Hector’s behalf throughout the episode.

Best Moment: Lena’s scene with Marisol.

7. UnREAL: “Infiltration” 

This was yet another episode that showed how vicious Quinn can get when she feels betrayed and that she’s absolutely willing to hurt innocent bystanders when she’s lashing out. The way she crushed Ruby and Darius’ blossoming relationship was a huge bummer.

Best Moment: An outraged Jay telling Rachel that he can’t believe he trusted her.

6. Hell on Wheels: “Gambit” 

This episode gave us the consequences for Gambit’s kidnapping. His love interest Maggie was shot and killed.

Best Moment: Louise’s interrogation.

5. Pretty Little Liars: “The Talented Mr. Rollins” 

This episode felt like a real return to form because it had so much of the Liars working together, rather than being off in their own storylines. Elliot tortured Alison DiLaurentis and seemed like he was going to get away with it, but fortunately the Liars knew he was up to no good and kept following their instincts until they sort of killed him. Good riddance.

Best Moment: Emily Fields telling Spencer Hastings that Ali’s life is more important than Spencer’s wishes.

4. The Last Ship: “Devil May Care”

This episode kept up the tension as the world dealt with the hostage situation and the virus mutation.

Best Moment: Alisha and the others brainstorming what to do to help the hostages.

3. Scream: “Jeepers Creepers” 

This episode had lots of the friendship between Audrey Jensen and Noah Foster, which will always been the best part of this show. The big horror set piece at the roller coaster was perfectly creepy and it was fun when the show undercut it.

Best Moment: Audrey’s confession to Noah that she brought Piper to Lakewood.

2. Animal Kingdom: “Flesh is Weak” 

This week this show finally got trashy enough to be amazing. Between Smuf’s seduction of Lila and everything going on with Deran Cody this was perfect sexy, melodramatic summer TV.

Best Moment: Deran actually saying “see you tonight” in response to Adrian accusing him of having his boyfriend killed.

1. Containment: “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

This episode showed how far Lex Carnahan’s character has come when Leo Green wanted to back off of exposing Sabine Lommers and Lex was the one who didn’t want to give up. Top it off with a sad ending for the show’s primary couple and this was a real dramatic turning point for the series.

Best Moment: Sam telling Jana that he will be one of the people to make it out of the cordon.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: July 3-July 9

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: June 18-June 25

This week TV gave us a beautiful ending for Sameen Shaw, more rage and angst for Deran Cody, D. Smith dealing with even more “just my opinion” bullshit, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. The Last Ship: “Rising Sun” 

This episode had Tom Chandler trying to return to his old crew. It was full of the tension and action people looking for in this type of show.

Best Moment: Alisha silently welcoming Chandler back with a salute.

9. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Mystery Solved”

This show continues to be everything I want from reality TV. Mimi and Stevie J tracked down the woman who alleged to be the mother of Stevie J’s child. She insisted the daughter was home and that they could do a drug test until suddenly admitting she never had a baby and made the entire thing up.

Best Moment: The cut from Scrappy saying “I appreciate you respecting my opinion” to D. Smith saying “I really don’t respect his opinion.”

8. Pretty Little Liars: “Tick-Tock, Bitches”

Pretty Little Liars is back for a seventh season and seems more committed than ever to just being a sexy Scooby-Doo. I mean, they thought Hanna was dead until it turned out to just be a mask on a doll? What a silly show.

Best Moment: Emily flashing back on her relationship with Alison as she looked through her room.

7. UnREAL: “Guerilla” 

In this episode, Quinn decided to get more hands-on. This let us see even more of her cold, manipulative side and created even more tension between her and Rachel.

Best Moment: Jay telling Ruby to use the fact that she’s the smartest woman in the competition.

6. Animal Kingdom: “Stay Close, Stick Together”

This family sure does have trouble getting along. There were a lot of tense scenes in this episode and plenty of sad backstory from J.

Best Moment: The underwater fight.

5. Containment: “A Kingdom Divided Against Itself” 

This episode had a truly tragic cliffhanger for Katie and also revealed a lot more about Sabine, who might be the best character on this show.

Best Moment: Sam already being exhausted by the drama between Suzy and Dennis.

4. Game of Thrones: “Battle of the Bastards”

Obviously, the huge battle sequence is what makes this episode stand out. But, personally, my favorite thing about it was all of the dialogue between Sansa and Jon. And, of course, Sansa coming face-to-face with Ramsay again was powerful.

Best Moment: Yara flirting with Daenerys.

3. Penny Dreadful: “The Blessed Dark”

This was the series finale, which means many characters were trying to bring about the end of days. Fortunately, it seems like Ethan stopped it with a quick prayer/murder combo.

Best Moment: Dorian’s speech leading up to “it’s worth it for all this perfection.”

2. The Fosters: “Potential Energy” 

This episode did a much better job with tone than any guns in schools TV episode I’ve seen. Of course there was tension and fear throughout, but they also captured the monotony of being in lockdown and the way people don’t put their personal dramas aside. The cliffhanger set things up for an even more tense episode next week.

Best Moment: Stef leading Mariana to safety and Lena running to hug her.

1. Person of Interest: “return 0”

In Person of Interest‘s final episode, they decided to let Shaw be the hero and the survivor. I couldn’t be happier with this decision.

Best Moment: Shaw’s beautiful, understated reaction to the computer telling her that Root understood what makes her special.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: June 18-June 25