The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: November 20-26

This week TV gave us a husband and child for Michel Gerard, two major reveals on Scream Queens, Barbara Kean making an important discovery about Oswald Cobblepot, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: “Summer” 

In this episode, Rory Gilmore saved the Stars Hollow Gazette by becoming editor-in-chief, while Lorelai Gilmore worked on a Stars Hollow musical. These were probably the most Gilmore Girls-y plotlines in the revival.

Best Moment: Michel’s resignation scene.

9. The Last Man on Earth: “Mama’s Hideaway”

This episode did what The Last Man on Earth does best: it took a very silly premise (Carol Pilbasian trying to get a family photo with Gail Klosterman in matching outfits) and pushed it into the darkest, most melancholy place. Once again, the formula was very effective.

Best Moment: Lewis’ first ride in the flight simulator.

8. Gotham: “Mad City: Time Bomb” 

Finally– finally– a TV show is giving me the battle between gay villains that I deserve. I can’t wait to see exactly what Barbara has in store for Oswald.

Best Moment: Barbara’s conversation with Olga.

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Mr. Santiago”

In this episode, Jake Peralta tried to win over Amy Santiago’s father Victor Santiago. Meanwhile, Victor insisted that he’d looked into Jake and he’d never approve of him. It took Amy standing up to remind them that who she dates is entirely her decision.

Best Moment: Ray Holt emphatically reminding Adrian Pimento that all show dogs are majestic.

6. Scream Queens: “Blood Drive”

This episode revealed one of the killers and, in classic Scream Queens fashion, also revealed someone who isn’t one of the killers, but does want to kill the Chanels. It also had the season’s first truly scary moment with Chanel #9’s gruesome death.

Best Moment: Chanel #3 explaining that she’s been recycling blood.

5. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: “Spring” 

This episode showed Lorelai’s therapy sessions with Emily Gilmore, which made for some great drama and comedy.

Best Moment: Michel’s rant about why A-listers will never stay at the Dragonfly.

4. Ash vs Evil Dead: “Ashy Slashy” 

This episode had a fantastic set piece in the form of Kelly Maxwell battling it out with a hand puppet. There were also great character moments sprinkled throughout that all led up to the tragic ending.

Best Moment: Ruby Knowby’s pep talk in which she was supportive of Pablo Bolivar’s food truck.

3. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: “Fall” 

The Gilmore Girls revival ended with bringing everyone together for Lorelai’s wedding to Luke Danes.

Best Moment: Michel’s speech to Sookie St. James.

2. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: “Winter” 

The first episode of the Gilmore Girls revival had the most hard-hitting emotional sequence with the story of Richard Gilmore’s wake. It was a raw look at what has always been the most interesting relationship on this show: Lorelai’s relationship with Emily.

Best Moment: Michel’s rant about children.

1. Shameless: “You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?” 

This episode relied on the elements that have always been Shameless‘ strength: Fiona Gallagher’s tenacity and the relationship between Lip Gallagher and Ian Gallagher. The scene in which everyone came to the laundromat to help out offered the sort of catharsis in the middle of dire circumstances that Shameless is so good at.

Best Moment: Ian’s testimony on behalf of Lip.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: November 20-26

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: November 6-12

This week TV gave us Team Arrow 2.0 learning more about the Green Arrow’s past, a double dose of Superstore, a gay Justice Society of America member, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Quantico: “Aquiline” 

This week the recruits argued over whether or not to order a drone strike. That was super weird, but there were a few nice character moments in between all that.

Best Moment: Harry Doyle immediately seeing through Ryan Booth’s plan to get his trust.

9. Rosewood: “Lidocaine and Long-Term Lust”

This episode showed us more of the relationship between Beaumont Rosewood and Tanya, which is going very well.

Best Moment: Pippy Rosewood and TMI joining Annalise Villa and Daisie Villa for a girls’ night out.

8. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood: “Reunion – Part 1”

The cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood season 3 got together to talk about highlights from the past season and do so, so much yelling at each other.

Best Moment: When Nina Parker started to ask Rosa Acosta if she ever would’ve considered having a threesome with Safaree Samuels and she cut her off to say no.

7. Empire: “One Before Another” 

This week Lucious Lyon orchestrated a fight between all of his sons because Lucious is just the worst.

Best Moment: Jamal Lyon challenging why Hakeem Lyon took the fight to such a sensitive place.

6. Shameless: “The Defenestration of Frank”

In this episode, Fiona Gallagher continued her quest to make something of herself, this time by buying a laundry mat. The scene where Fiona, Ian and Lip all talked and basked in her new air condition was a reminder that this show works best when it brings things back to the family dynamic.

Best Moment: Ian and Trevor’s make out followed by laughing at the realization that they’re both tops.

5. Gotham: “Mad City: Blood Rush” 

I can’t believe Gotham gave Nathaniel Barnes an A-plot and, even more, I can’t believe I enjoyed it. That’s how strong the writing of Gotham has been this season.

Best Moment: Edward Nygma asking Oswald Cobblepot to dump Isabella for him.

4. Arrow: “So It Begins” 

This week Team Arrow 2.0 found out that Oliver Queen is kind of sort of a serial killer. I understand this being a divisive opinion, but this kind of thing is legitimately what I love about Arrow. This episode also showed more of Evelyn Sharp’s character, which was great.

Best Moment: Curtis Holt making sure Evelyn doesn’t have alcohol. (You let her be a vigilante, dude).

3. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Compromised”

This has everything that makes Legends of Tomorrow great. The gang accidentally attacks the white house, Mick Rory can’t deal with feelings and eats a donut off the ground, everyone is in great outfits.

Best Moment:Todd Rice’s advice to Amaya Jiwe about acting on her feelings.

2. Superstore: “Black Friday”

This episode had some stand out character work. Amy’s call to her husband in which she accidentally said “I’m not happy” was a true gut punch of a moment. The stand out scene had Jonah and Amy finding themselves talking things out while next to each other in the bathroom.

Best Moment: Mateo being kind of proud of Cheyenne for learning about war profiteering.

1. Superstore: “Seasonal Help”

In this episode, Jonah led the other employees in a challenge to see who could drive the new tempts to quit. In the end, he feels terrible and gives one of the tempts the $200 he won from the betting pool. The whole storyline nicely showed off Superstore‘s ability to balance going for the throat with having in a heart in a way that sitcoms often aspire to but rarely achieve.

Best Moment: Mateo’s “are you done?” line.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: November 6-12

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: October 23-29

This week TV gave us a new love interest for Oliver Hampton, a mystical mystery on Rosewood, a trip to Feudal Japan for the Waverider crew, and more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Rosewood: “Spirochete & Santeria”

This episode had some fun twists, with a victim who knew he was going to die and a woman who admitted to the murder but claimed she used witchcraft.

Best Moment: Pippy Rosewood telling Beaumont Rosewood that she’s convinced of the inmates innocence.

9. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood: “The Source”

In this episode Moniece Slaughter tried to deal with the alleged sex tape. Meanwhile, Teairra Mari faced her legal problems.

Best Moment: Nikki Mudarris and Andrew meeting Teairra outside jail.

8. Quantico: “Kubark”

This week the CIA put the trainees through a test that involved triggering their deepest fears. You know, like a horror movie villain would.

Best Moment: Harry Doyle’s monologue about his deceased friend.

7. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Shogun”

In this episode, Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood fell out of the ship and into Feudal Japan. Just fell right on out and into Feudal Japan.

Best Moment: Sara Lance defending Mick Rory to Amaya Jiwe.

6. Arrow: “Penance”

This week Oliver Queen and Lyla Michaels busted John Diggle out of prison. Meanwhile, Felicity Smoak and Rory Regan tried to get past the tension between them.

Best Moment: Curtis Holt telling Oliver that he’s not going to let him go through with the prison break.

5. Gotham: “Mad City: Follow the White Rabbit”

In this episode, Mad Hatter punished Jim Gordon with a serious of increasingly traumatic forms of torment. But, the true edge-of-your-seat plotline was Oswald Cobblepot trying to work up the stuff to tell Edward Nygma he loves him.

Best Moment: Oswald’s confession to an empty chair.

4. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: “Reunited!”

The incredible queens of All Stars 2 returned for a special full of delightful quips and obvious bitterness.

Best Moment: Alaska saying “I’ll send Alyssa home again right now.”

3. How to Get Away with Murder: “Is Someone Really Dead?”

This episode kept up the tension of this excellent season. It also had quality scenes between all of this season’s major couples.

Best Moment: Annalise Keaing’s line about “I wanted to be a better person.”

2. Shameless: “I Am a Storm”

This week Ian Gallagher got a new love interest in Elliot Fletcher’s Trevor. So far, the relationship has a lot of chemistry and could be interesting. Meanwhile, this episode showed Fiona Gallagher’s continued determination to live her life for herself. But, it looks like she may come back from that path, between her conversation with Veronica Fisher and the great moment at the end where almost the entire family was at her party.

1. Superstore: “Halloween Theft”

This was a great episode written by the hilarious Karey Dornetto. Everyone acknowledging how hot Dina is was fantastic, as was Mateo and Jeff’s date.

Best Moment: Mateo and Jeff’s awkward exchange about the seat warmer.



The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: October 23-29

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: October 16-21

This week TV gave us a deep dive into Annalise Keating’s backstory, Nikki Mudarris making amends with people in her life, Harry Doyle meeting up with someone new, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood: “The Leak”

This week Brandi Boyd, Jason Lee, and Princess Love schemed over an alleged Moniece Slaughter sex tape, while Max Lux and Ray J tried to stop them.

Best Moment: Nikki and Rosa Acosta’s make up scene.

9. Quantico: “Stescalade” 

The CIA shenanigans continued this week, as Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth continued gathering information on the other recruits.

Best Moment: I’m very interested in what Harry and Will Olsen’s scene could be setting up.

8. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Where is Josh’s Friend?”

In its season two premiere, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend delivered on everything that makes the show enjoyable and special. The unique tone, the way Rebecca Bunch’s issues are handled, the complicated relationships– it was all on point.

Best Moment: Darryl Whitefeather and Josh Wilson’s obnoxiously cute scene.

7. Shameless: “Home Sweet Homeless Shelter”

This episode had a major turning point for the show when Fiona Gallagher decided to truly start thinking about building her own future. It was well-handled and exciting to watch.

Best Moment: Ian Gallagher’s talk with Lip Gallagher at the end.

6. Scream Queens: “Halloween Blues”

This episode had fun Halloween costumes and a lot of the delightful relationship between Chad Radwell and Denise Hemphill.

Best Moment: Chanel #3 suggesting that Chanel Oberlin dress as a very sad mood ring for Halloween.

5. Arrow: “A Matter of Trust”

This season’s storyline about Oliver Queen building Team Arrow 2.0 is really a gift. The crew’s dynamic is immediately just working.

Best Moment: Curtis Holt’s awkward conversation with Rory Regan.

4. How to Get Away with Murder: “It’s About Frank”

This episode explored Annalise Keating’s past. We saw a lot of the ups and downs in her relationship with Sam Keating, as well as the beginnings of her relationship with Frank Delfino.

Best Moment: The beauty shop scene.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Halloween IV”

This is the fourth annual Halloween heist episode that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has done and it was more elaborate and full of twists than any of its predecessors. While this made for a slightly different tone, it was a lot of fun.

Best Moment: Ray Holt threatening to skin Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta.

2. Gotham: “Mad City: Anything for You”

This was one of Gotham‘s strongest episodes yet thanks to the focus on the fascinating relationship between Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma.

Best Moment: Barbara Kean’s delight when people at the party started trying to kill each other.

1. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “The Justice Society of America”

This show keeps delivering on exactly what I want from it. This week the Legends met the Justice Society of America, then got into a brawl with Nazis.

Best Moment: Sara Lance accepting that she should be the group leader.


The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: October 16-21

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: March 19-March 25

This week TV gave us a major escalation to the fight between Amy Raudenfeld and Karma Ashcroft, a guest appearance by Arin Andrews and Laith Ashley on I Am Cait, Ilana Wexler discovering and then sacrificing a rare Beanie Baby and much more. Here are my choices for the best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Girls: “Queen for Two Days” 

This week Hannah’s mom dragged her to a female empowerment weekend. The experience was a real mess for her. Meanwhile, we saw more of Shoshanna in Japan.

Best Moment: Tad’s panicked call to Hannah for information.

9. Scandal: “Pencil’s Down”

The Republican candidates prepared for a debate this week. Mellie and Susan stole my little heart. The montage of Olivia trying to prepare Mellie for the debate was especially great.

Best Moment: Cyrus’ reaction to having his thunder completely stolen.

8. Broad City: “Philadelphia” 

In this week’s episode, Abbi and Ilana visited Abbi’s dad, played by guest star Tony Danza. It was fun to find out that Abbi used to be kind of a thoughtless irresponsible person. You gotta give her credit for trying to make up for it.

Best Moment: Ilana sacrificing a beloved and valuable rare Beanie Baby to help Abbi. Probably a bad move, but her heart was in the right place.

7. Shameless: “Paradise Lost”

This season has been extremely engaging and they had another incredibly entertaining episode this week. And Debbie had her baby!

Best Moment: There were so many to choose from, but I’ll go with Ian opening up to his new boyfriend about his past.

6. Faking It: “Let’s Hear It for the Oy”

Amy and Karma clearly wanted to make up with each other this week, but thanks to their stubborness and extremely poor timing on Zita’s part, that’s not happening and their fight is about to get dirty.

Best Moment: Amy’s excitement at hearing her and Karma’s song was very sweet.

5. The Fosters: “The Show”

I genuinely don’t understand what the purpose of Jack’s death was, but other than that this was an interesting episode that did a good job with the experimental format. Cierra Ramirez’s performance was fantastic.

Best Moment: Jude talking about moving on from Connor.

4. Shadowhunters: “Blood Calls to Blood”

This week Alec recruited Magnus to defend Isabelle. That’s a formula for a successful episode.

Best Moment: Magnus telling Alec to hang onto his arrows for him.

3. Bates Motel: “Til Death Do You Part” 

Norma and Alex’s first days of marriage was fantastically written. Meanwhile, the plot about Norman in the psychiatric hospital was gripping and led to a very exciting episode ending.

Best Moment: All of Norman’s sessions with Dr. Edwards were great, but the best was definitely him opening up about his suspicious about Norma and Dr. Edwards reminding him of the seriousness of these allegations.

2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!” 

This look at Rebecca’s life and all of the forms of love in her life was very sweet and uplifting. She’s so lucky to have Darryl and Paula in her life. This episode had even quirkier humor than the show usually has: The ending where Rebecca and her dream ghost travel to another planet to watch a play was wonderfully weird and hilarious and little touches like the panel the dream ghost uses to select painful childhood memories were great.

Best Moment: Darryl confirming that Gregg is super-hot.

1. I Am Cait: “Partner Up” 

This was another great episode full of interesting conversations. This one got into dating and relationships.

Best Moment: A group of trans women giggling and talking about how hot two trans men are is not something I ever thought I’d get to see on TV.



The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: March 19-March 25

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: March 12-March 19

This week TV gave us the season finale of Pretty Little Liars, Ilana Wexler meeting her hero, more of Caitlyn Jenner’s controversial opinions and more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Bob’s Burgers: “Lice Things Are Lice”

Episodes that play up Louise’s vulnerability are always great and this one hit her where she lives with the threat of hats being destroyed.

Best Moment: Marshmallow’s cameo

9. Girls: “Old Loves”

This episode had some strong scenes, in particular Hannah’s conversation with Marnie about how Fran is only a seemingly nice guy and the heart-wrenching conversation between Hannah and Jessa at the rice pudding place.

Best Moment: Elijah’s date with Dill was pretty adorable.

8. Broad City: “2016”

Ilana’s search to find a job led her to working for the Clinton campaign, not catching that it was purely a volunteer position. Her raw enthusiasm was real fun to watch. Meanwhile, we also got a great scene between Abbi and her chiropractor. Honestly, I ship it.

Best Moment: Ilana’s conversation with her brother on the subway was great. (“You not listening to me about this is homophobic” “It is?” “No, but get a job”).

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Terry Kitties”

An adorable team up between Jake and Terry that heavily involves kittens and Amy, Rosa and Ray getting competitive during a bomb diffusing class? Throw in Boyle “beta-ing” Gina into protecting him and you’ve got a delightful episode.

Best Moment: Post-vacation Ray telling Gina “give it a whirl, girl.”

6. Pretty Little Liars: “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars”

Not that it’s a high bar, but this season finale was better than the midseason finale by leaps and bounds. They at least had some genuine emotional moments.

Best Moment: Emily and Alison saying “I love you” to each other.

5. Faking It: “It’s All Good”

This episode set up how tense the relationships will be this season, with both Amy and Karma refusing to back down on their feelings about Amy leaving.

Best Moment: Amy and Lauren’s relationship is always the best part of this show and their hug at the end of this episode was great.

4. The Fosters: “Rehearsal” 

This episode finally acknowledged Courtney’s age, with Lena and Stef stepping in to talk to Brandon about it. It also continued developing Gabe’s relationship with Mariana and Jesus in an interesting way.

Best Moment: Absolutely Stef revealing her new haircut to Lena and their conversation about it.

3. Shameless: “A Yurt of One’s Own”

The proposal scene in this episode was the obvious stand out, but there was also plenty of other great stuff like Lip and Ian’s quiet reaction to their brother getting laid, Kevin laying down a rule that neither he or his wife is allowed to marry anyone else from now on and Frank’s general disapproval of anything that’s not opium.

Best Moment: The “just because we’re born like this doesn’t mean we end up like this” conversation was fantastic.

2. How to Get Away with Murder: “Anna Mae”

This season finale was emotional and had the appropriate amount of reveals and a bonkers ending.

Best Moment: Annalise dancing with her family in the midst of an emotionally raw moment.

1. I Am Cait: “Woman of the Year?” 

I continue feeling happy disbelief every week that there’s actually a show that’s just a group of trans women discussing things that are important to them and their different perspectives. This week’s conversation between Jenny Boylan and Kate Bornstein about the t-slur was very interesting and Jenny’s “I hope you know you’re asking a lot” summed things up very well.

Best Moment: Zackary and the other people in the group standing up to Caitlyn and explaining the importance of listening to others to her was great.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: March 12-March 19

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: Feb. 14-20

This week Lena Adams and Stef Foster went for a swim, things got even worse for Clarke Griffin, and Captain Ray Holt’s love of the oboe got in the way of his detective abilities. All this and more on this week’s round-up of the best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Pretty Little Liars: “Where Somebody Waits for Me”

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars was more of the same with everyone trying to figure out who’s texting them this time and being very suspicious of Sara Harvey. Sara probably stole the eggs that Emily donated, which is a real weird, creepy move.

Best moment: There was some nice raw vulnerability when Emily talked to Aria where it felt like there was some real emotion in the middle of this weird-ass plot.

9. Shameless: “NSFW”

Things were bad for everyone this week, maybe even more than usual. Carl and Fiona were both extremely shaken up by the end and Debbie’s situation with her boss is seriously troubling.

Best moment: Ian got to kiss a hunk.

8. Arrow: “Code of Silence”

This week Oliver worked on campaign strategy and successfully won a debate. I still don’t know why he didn’t win the mayor title at any point while he was running unopposed, but good for him all the same.

Best moment: I both love and hate that Curtis made a cure for paralysis in like two weeks in his spare time. Like, I’m proud of my dude, but what is this show doing?

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “House Mouses”

This was one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s weaker episodes, mostly due to a mediocre a-plot. Hitchcock and Scully are definitely better in small doses. That said, the subplot with Charles and Ray was much stronger. The third plot with the female characters felt a little broad, but gave the actresses a chance to do some great physical comedy. Also, Jake’s pun-based roller coaster of emotions was relatable as hell.

Best moment: When the Nine-Nine ate all of the candies in the gift basket Kevin sent Ray, they covered their tracks by filling the gift basket with office supplies. Instead of being suspicious, Ray saw the brand new office supplies and happily declared that Kevin really knows him.

6. The 100: “Hakeldama”

The 100 season 3 definitely isn’t slowing down and this episode was an exciting, big leap forward in hurling the characters towards a major war.

Best moment: Clarke’s confrontation with Bellamy was tense and dramatic from start to finish.

5. How to Get Away with Murder: “She Hates Us”

This week’s episode gave us more of Annalise’s brutal mental health problems, Laurel standing up to Frank, and the dynamic between Connor and Asher that I love so much.

Best moment: I really did love Connor trying to explain the extent to which he cares about Asher.

4. Love: “Party in the Hills”

This episode captured parties beautifully. Sometimes you arrive early and stand around awkward, but then end up jamming out with new friends. Other times you run into all of your exes and get drunk and make bad decisions.

Best moment: When a character (who, tragically, is only a one episode character) played by Joe Mande hit on Bertie, another guy tried to sabotage him by bringing up the fact that they’d slept together. Bertie earnestly said that she didn’t mind. It was a refreshing change-up from the usual jokes on bisexual guys in sitcoms. The dynamic between these three should’ve been the center of the show instead of a one-off, honestly.

3. The Fosters: “Under Water”

Stef and Lena finally got to be romantic this episode, after several episodes of nothing but tension. Things are hardly solved between them, but it was nice seeing a moment of real happiness between the two. Meanwhile, it was great seeing Callie almost immediately put aside Jack’s catfishing her to focus on the more important issue of making sure he’s safe. That’s my Super Callie.

Best moment: I still cannot believe that Lena said, “Last one in is on top tonight!” as she and Stef ran into the pool.

2. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Fail-Safe”

This show had a slow pilot, but really hit its stride in episode 5, showing strong dynamics between all of the characters. Ray and Mick’s plot this episode was a dang treasure. Plus, it opened with a Cisco Ramon cameo!

Best moment: Sara deciding that she can’t kill Stein even if it would save the future was great.

1. Broad City: “Two Chainz”

It feels good to have Broad City back. This episode started with an incredible opening sequence and kept up the energy from there. Season 3 premiered with an episode that found the exact limit of how stressful and cringe-y a comedy can be while still being fun.

Best moment: Ilana’s insistence that Abbi helping her get her bike chain off was a sexual experience and that the fact that she ended up bleeding supported this.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: Feb. 14-20