The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: October 30-November 5

This week TV gave us a roast of Annalise Keating, Oswald Cobblepot scheming, sexytimes for Will Olsen and Harry Doyle, and more. Here are my picks for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood: “Matrimony” 

In the season finale of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Ray J and Princess Love got married. Despite all the drama, their wedding was sweet.

Best Moment: Nikki Mudarris’ talk with Teairra Mari.

9. Rosewood: “Tree Toxins and Three Stories”

In this episode, Beaumont Rosewood recruited a team of students to help him look at Gerald Kelly’s case. He ended up finally coming around and agreeing with Donna Rosewood and Pippy Rosewood that Gerald is innocent.

Best Moment: Pippy realizing her date had previously gone on a date with TMI.

8. The Flash: “Monster”

This episode had a simple main plot, but fantastic side plots. Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow made this one of the strongest episodes of the season.

Best Moment: Julian Albert tattling to David Singh.

7. Shameless: “Own Your Shit”

Fiona Gallagher is still on a mission to get ahead in life. In this episode, she realized that means actually owning something and started looking into owning a laundry mat.

Best Moment: Ian and Trevor’s kiss at the party.

6. Quantico: “KMFORGET”

This episode revealed that Will Olsen has been seeing Harry Doyle for a while. Something shady is definitely going on because Harry was using a fake name with him.

Best Moment: Will and Harry’s bedroom scene.

5. Superstore: “Election Day”

In this episode, Dina and Glenn committed an eentsy bit of voter fraud, while Jonah and Amy encouraged employees to vote for a pro-labor candidate.

Best Moment: Mateo’s shy and giggly response to Cheyenne asking if he loves Jeff.

4. Arrow: “Human Target”

Oliver Queen realized that Tobias Church wouldn’t make a move unless he thought Oliver was dead. This led to Oliver recruiting the titular superhero with an extremely silly but fun power.

Best Moment: “More like the Backstreet Boys.”

3. Gotham: “Mad City: Red Queen”

In this episode, Mad Hatter drugged Jim Gordon and sent him on a psychedelic elevator ride through his memories.

Best Moment: Oswald Cobblepot’s talk with Isabella.

2. How to Get Away with Murder: “Call It Mother’s Intuition”

This episode had a solid case-of-the-week and some great scenes for Laurel Castillo. Plus, everyone describing to Annalise Keating in detail how she ruined their lives.

Best Moment: Annalise’s conversation with Soraya Hargrove at the meeting.

1. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Abominations”

This was a stand out episode for Jefferson Jackson. The emotions that came up when he visited the Civil War and the emotional bonding he did with Amaya Jiwe during the mission were fantastic.

Best Moment: Sara Lance’s conversation with Jax when he insisted on carrying out the mission.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: October 30-November 5

The Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: May 15-May 21

This week TV gave us the series final of Faking It, a heartbreaking plotline for Victor Strand, a close call for Captain David Singh, and more. Here are my picks for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: “Playing with Fire”

This episode was packed with quality reality TV moments like Joseline needing to go through a scavenger hunt for some reason and whatever the hell was happening between Scrapp and Karlie.

Best Moment: I’ll say Chris’ break up with Mimi for the actual emotional maturity, but Joseline asking K. Michelle, “Are you ready to have sex on that couch over there?” was also incredible television. Please enjoy this picture of K. Michelle’s reaction:


9. Fear the Walking Dead: “Sicut Cervus”

This episode did a great job of including emotional character-driven moments amid all the zombie action. All of Victor’s scenes with Tom were beautifully intimate. And thank God that Victor isn’t dead.

Best Moment: Victor and Tom’s initial tearful reunion.

8. The 100: “Perverse Instantiation – Part Two”

In this exciting finale, Clarke defeated Alie but not before finding out that her fight to save the Earth is really just beginning. She’s gonna have a real heck of a time getting out of this one, huh?

Best Moment: Clarke’s reunion with Lexa.

7. Arrow: “Lost in the Flood”

This episode gave us an action-packed plot with Oliver, Diggle and Thea fighting their way out of the arc, while Felicity had a more emotionally driven plotline with her parents.

Best Moment: Curtis saying that Felicity finally makes sense now that he knows she’s Noah and Donna’s child.

6. Faking It: “Up in Flames”

This was a letdown of a series finale for multiple reasons, including the fact that Amy ended up with someone who lied about having a boyfriend for their entire relationship. But, there were good things like the scenes between Lauren and Liam, the relationship between Noah and Shane, and the relatable scenes of Amy’s righteous anger and sadness before the narrative got oddly forgiving.

Best Moment: Post-breakup Amy thinking it was too much to think she’d ever be happy in a relationship was a perfect example of why teen dramas are so powerful. These are the kinds of things you really feel when you’re sixteen and it would’ve been great to watch Amy grow into someone who doesn’t let one thoughtless person’s actions bring her down like this.

5. Modern Family: “Double Click”

This episode had some really solid laughs, especially Jay’s struggle with technology (“How have you remained alive?”). Andy and Haley’s goodbye at the airport was played incredibly well. The emotional ending with the Dunphys having dinner together is as close as this show will ever get to a subtle understated scene. It really worked.

Best Moment: “It’s exactly what it sounds like.”

4. The Flash: “Invincible” 

The Flash managed to pull off one of its best episodes in a long time this week. The high stakes were balanced out nicely with fun touches like the appearance of Black Siren and Cisco and Caitlin’s undercover mission. My one big complaint was that Hartley was mentioned but not scene. Give me those Hartley/Cisco scenes.

Best Moment: Singh’s scene with Joe and Barry at the end. But, hey, my guy, maybe you should be asking about that illegal prison.

3. Empire: “Past is Prologue”

Jamal isn’t dead, which is great. Also great? Just about everything else in this episode. They pulled no punches with the drama and stuff like all the fights between Rhonda and Anika just popped and made an incredibly exciting finale.

Best Moment: Jamal telling the family their cycle of violence needs to stop.

2. Archer: “Liquid Lunch”

This was a great Krieger episode that asked the question, what’s worse: having super-realistic android versions of all your coworkers for unclear purposes or making people go to your one-man show?

Best Moment: Pam falling for an obvious trap because she doesn’t want to regret missing out on blintzes.

1. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: “Legendary”

I loved everything about this finale. The team coming together with a convoluted plan! Sara being read to kill Rip in a heartbeat! Patrick J. Adams! Rip almost flying into the sun and then realizing that flying into the sun isn’t the best way to solve all your problems! I can’t wait for season 2.

Best Moment: “You should be afraid.”


The Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: May 15-May 21

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: March 27-April 2

This week TV gave us the return of Hartley Rathaway, Sara Lance joining the League of Assassins for a couple years, Stef Foster and Lena Adams helping Callie through a crisis, and much more. Here are my choices for the 10 best LGBT-inclusive TV episodes of the week.

10. The Fosters: “Kingdom Come”

I had some issues with this episode, but there was a lot of great stuff as well, most notably Callie’s speech standing up against Justina and the injustices of the foster system.

Best Moment: Stef and Lena speaking to Callie after the allegations against her was a powerful scene that showed how protective they are of their children in very different ways. Stef gets aggressive and looks for ways to fight back, while Lena is concerned with how Callie is feeling.

9. The 100: “Stealing Fire”

I’m not sure why this show decided to start hemorrhaging fan-favorite characters, but aside from that this was a solid episode with interesting sci-fi worldbuilding.

Best Moment: Nathan’s reaction when Bryan tried to “but I love you” the whole spying on him thing was pretty great. Drop that zero and get with a hero, Nathan.

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Paranoia”

This was a fun, sweet episode that really showed off how great Jason Mantzoukas and Stephanie Beatriz are.

Best Moment: Holt leading the team in a whispered “Nine-Nine.”

7. Arrow: “Beacon of Hope”

This was the most Curtis-heavy episode of Arrow yet and, not coincidentally, one of the most fun. The fact that Arrow can have an episode this good that includes the line “time to hack some bees” is why I love this show so much.

Best Moment: Okay, I know it’s probably not the actual best moment, but I really am obsessed with the fact that “time to hack some bees” was real dialogue. This show is a gift.

6. Faking It: “Karmygeddon”

This is probably the strongest episode of Faking It I’ve seen. The escalation of Amy and Karma’s fight and the beginnings of their reconciliation were both done in a great, emotionally honest.

Best Moment: Amy saying that she might always be in love with Karma and Karma saying that she doesn’t know how to be friends with Amy without hurting her.

5. Legends of Tomorrow: “Left Behind”

This episode was so much! Mick is back and he’s Chronos! Snart lost a hand! Sara was an assassin for a couple years! Ray wants to marry Kendra! Every episode of this show feels like a season finale and I love it.

Best Moment: Sara telling Ra’s al Ghul to make sure Nyssa is on the island was pretty great.

4. The Flash: “Flash Back”

Barry Allen summoned some ghosts who were as sick of his time travel shenanigans as I am. This episode gave us some quality menacing Eobard, adorable Cisco, completely over it Harry, and of course the return of my favorite person.

Best Moment: The ending promising that Hartley is part of the gang made my week. They better not go back on it.

3. Bates Motel: “Lights of Winter”

This episode really dangled the possibility of a happy ending in front of us. Norman admitted that he doesn’t trust his perception of things and that he needs help, meanwhile Norma realized the importance of working on her own life and not obsessing about Norman. Those glimmers of hope will definitely make the inevitable downfall of these characters even sadder.

Best Moment: Dr. Edwards gently talking to Norman in the car.

2. Girls: “The Panic in Central Park”

This atypical episode was all about Marnie. It was very interesting watching the show do something new and her break up with Desi was extremely satisfying.

Best Moment: Marnie’s encounter with a woman in Charlie’s bathroom who made her realize how she’s been hanging onto a fantasy.

1. I Am Cait: “The Great Debate”

This continues to be an incredibly uplifting and nuanced documentary series. This episode took us to the democratic convention and Caitlyn’s alma mater.

Best Moment: Chandi Moore talking about how no one every talks about trans people’s happiness, they always focus on their struggles.

The 10 Best LGBT-Inclusive TV Episodes of the Week: March 27-April 2